Police Accountability Task Force of Howard County

About the Task Force

The Police Accountability Task Force of Howard County (PATF-HoCo) is a group of like-minded community activists who are all long-term residents of the county. We organized in the summer of 2020 to take action within Howard County to address issues and concerns around racial inequality/disparities in policing.

Our focus has been on two issues: (i) the implementation of a Body-Worn Camera Program at the Howard County Police Department; and (ii) the establishment of a new HoCo Police Accountability Board by the County Executive and the County Council.

The PATF-HoCo is led by a steering committee consisting of the following members: Jacqueline Akinpelu, Mark Booker, Bill Cozzo, Angie Page, and Ted Stewart. We are excited to be working with many significant community organizations in our county who share our objectives.

PATF-HoCo IS ACTIVELY SEEKING VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIST US WITH OUR MISSION. All volunteer help is welcome, even if you can give only a couple of hours a month. If you are interested in eliminating racial disparities in community policing, please contact us to learn more about our future campaigns and the volunteer opportunities we have available. Our email contact is: PATF.HoCo@GMail.com

Our Campaigns (Click on campaign link for the latest update)

  • PATF-HoCo advocated for the implementation of a Howard County police body-worn camera (BWC) program and a best-practice BWC policy. After a concerted PATF-HoCo campaign, the BWC program was funded and approved for implementation in Howard County for FY2022.

  • PATF-HoCo researched BWC policy best practices and developed a set of key considerations for the effective implementation of a BWC program, which we shared with the County’s law enforcement leadership.

  • The County Executive introduced CB 83-2021 in October 2021 to establish a Police Accountability Board (PAB) for Howard County. This initial bill was seriously flawed. PATF-HoCo took on a leadership advocacy role to improve the bill. Due to our successful engagement with members of the County Council, several corrective amendments were introduced and adopted in February 2022 that better positioned the PAB to promote police accountability and transparency.

Coalition of Citizens and Community Organization Supporters

African American Coalition of Howard County

African American Community Roundtable

American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland

Chinese American Network for Diversity and Opportunity

Columbia Democratic Club

Howard County Citizens Association

Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Indivisible Howard County

Progressive Democrats of Howard County

Progressive Maryland

Our Coalition Partners represent an important group of community organizations who are advocates for a diverse array of progressive causes and viewpoints. PATF-HoCo does not automatically endorse all views and opinions of our Coalition Partners. Although our missions may be different, PATF-HoCo is grateful for the unwavering support we've received in regards to advancing accountability and transparency in community policing.